Environmental Impact

tree free - preventing deforestation around the word by using bagasse
Tree Free - reducing waste to landfill

Here at Tree Free, we are aware of the environmental issues that the planet faces through our use of takeaway packaging.

The Earth is made up of about 30% forest, which works out to be 4 billion hectares.

There are over 7 billion people that call this planet home.  We all rely on trees. We may not always realize this through the concrete walls.

Trees and forests provide us with clean air and many habitats for wild animals. Trees can facilitate and promote many large and micro ecosystems. They help maintain the water cycle. They remove carbon dioxide from the air we breathe, through their growing process of photosynthesis.They precipitate rain, so preventing soil erosion which sometimes can lead to infertile land.

One serious current issue is the rate of deforestation destroying our worlds only forests.

The demand for wood and rates of deforestation means they are logged too quickly to be able to meet demand AND cultivate afforestation in depleted areas. Logging occurs for many reasons, such as: agriculture (planting crops), cattle, mining, oil and gas extraction, land development. A lot of the logged wood goes on to be made into wood/paper based products, items, building materials.

After the logging has occurred, many issues such as soil erosion and lack of biodiversity will ensue. However on the most basic level, logging takes away from the natural beauty of the area and carbon dioxide is released into the ozone layer.

Another real and current issue is the amount of waste in landfill. 

Many items of takeaway packaging  (such as takeaway beverage cups) conclude their lives in landfill by mistake, instead of being recycled or composted where it is possible.

Some of this can be the kind of plastic that takes 500 years to break down.

Rubbish must be kept to a minimum, and any waste that ends in landfill should be made of materials with little or no leaking of harmful gases or chemicals into the local area.

Many items end up in landfill by mistake either through lack of knowledge or local facilities. Please see our useful links for information about your local facilities.

What we want to do is educate about and provide bagasse-based products in replacement of the usual tree-based paper or plastic options.

Bagasse is a byproduct of an already flourishing sugar cane industry. It would normally be burnt off as waste into the atmosphere. This is a sustainable solution to real problem.

We all make footprints in everything we do, some foot prints are more permanent  than others.

What type of footprint will you choose to leave behind?

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