Tree Free Global is a socially responsible company with a mission to become the premiere supplier of environmentally based and manufactured products.

Tree Free Global is a sustainable and socially responsible company with a mission to save trees and reduce plastic. We save trees by using fast-growing annual crops such as sugarcane, bamboo and corn as opposed to tree plantations which can take 20 years to mature. We reduce plastic through packaging design innovation, to replace everyday plastic with Tree Free Card where possible.


Drink Coffee, Save Trees with Tree Free Global

The key difference of our cups is they are made from a by-product of sugar cane.  We take the waste pulp which was previously burnt (saving emissions) and turn it into our cups.  Sugar cane uses less resources as it’s an annual crop as opposed to a tree plantation which can take 20 years to mature. Another advantage of harvesting sugar cane is we don’t disrupt the soil, saving erosion. 

              Our cups, lining, & lids are all plant based, so will compost at home or if discarded in landfill will break down leaving no harmful plastic behind.

Tree Free Global coffee cups are a refreshing solution to an industry’s problem. Indeed, our coffee cups return to earth within 60 days!

From the annual sugarcane crop shown  a by-product called Bagasse is achieved when the juice (sugar) is extracted. The resultant bagasse is manufactured into better performing, compostable coffee cups for us all to enjoy.

The result… Guilt free sustainable coffee cups for all!

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