With Tree Free Products you not only save the Turtles, but the Orang-utans too...!!!!

Testimonial: Coffee Automatico

Having dealt with big paper and plastic packaging companies with huge sales that included a small token range of Bio Degradable or Compostable products we chose to get involved with Tree Free Global because they are the opposite. They are in business to provide environmentally friendly, resource and sustainably responsible Bio Compostable PLA products.

Plastic pollution and recourse waste does not only effect marine life.

It has an impact in land based creatures and the future of our children, grandchildren and quality of life for many more generations to come.

We have a catch phrase that we like to use and that is ‘With Tree Free Products you not only save the Turtles, but the Orang-utans too…!!!!’

We often focus on the images of Turtles, Whales, Dolphins, Manta Rays, Dugongs ingesting plastics and starving to death, but for every marine creature other creature are affected and on many other ways… humans included…!

Animals that live in forests that are felled to produce paper products are killed, displaced or reduced and this changes balance of survival patterns or natural predatory systems.
We saw how the removal of wolves in Yellow Stone park allowed growth in other animal numbers that defoliated and caused erosion on river banks and unbalanced the eco-system…which in turn caused rivers to change path.

Not to mention the climate effects of the reduction of the forests on global climate change which again effect oceanic temperatures and levels that along with over fishing of our oceans change the patterns of the oceans eco-systems which in turn change weather patterns and effect crops and the ability for people to feed themselves…

And for those that don’t really care about these things… well when corn crops fail or pigs can’t be feed and it effects the price of Pork’s Bellies Futures on the stock market then people start to lose money… It’s all connected…!

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it must start somewhere. The conversations that the future generations need to hear have to start somewhere.

– Eugene Mollica from Coffee Automatico

P/L, Mornington Peninsula


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